“My adolescent time was

a rollercoaster of emotions.

One after an other,

deeply shaking my entire being..”.









My life so far:

6 – Teenager, soccer & poetry

My adolescent time was a rollercoaster of emotions. 

One after an other, deeply shaking my entire being. 

I would feel profound empathy for the suffering. 

I would feel a deep connection with animals and plants and with nature in general. 

Somehow I would feel the soulfulness in most of the objects and places were I would occasionally be.

I would profoundly love all the people and situations that I would experience day by day. It did not matter if the experiences were a joyful or a painful one. All the characters part of my daily experience would then at night sit next to my pillow, before falling asleep. I would hug all of them and I would tell them I love them and I would thank them and tell them not to worry as everything will be fine as we are all one and we are all love.

I was particularly sensitive and fascinated by the female energy. The appearance of a cute girl would completely take my breath away and then I would think about her for weeks wishing to see her again. But then in those cases in which I would happen to see her again I would not be able to say anything or even come close to her and I would stay there speechless with my heart biting fast feeling her entire energy field, mesmerized by her beauty and aura. 

In those times I was enjoying very much sports and outdoors activities, most of all I would enjoy playing soccer. It was not so much about winning a game but more about running free with a ball and being playful with friends. While playing I would enjoy so much the fresh air, the smells of the seasons and feeling of joy and freedom while engaged with the game. 

I remember one day while we were playing in the back of the suburban church it started to rain. Every time that it would rain it would make me sad as everyone would immediately stop to play and go home as we were programmed with the idea that “you are not suppose to get wet”. But for some magical reasons, that day nobody stopped to play. We all kept going on playing while it was pouring rain making the little dusty field filled with mad and puddles. I enjoyed so much the game while feeling the intense sensations that the rain would give me pouring through my entire body. In no time I was completely wet but in a state of exuberant joy and excitement. For some reasons it was one of the most beautiful moments of my teen age time.

Like many other kids, I was very good at playing soccer and other sports. However I have never being able to develop a competitive attitude and did not care at all about winning or the final score. I always wanted to play with the weaker team and always trying to diminish the harshness that many would create taking the game too seriously and getting upset when someone not as good as them would make mistakes. Often what was suppose to be fun turned into animated discussions and even fights. I would silently watch and say nothing about it but inside I was feeling sad about it.

During my childhood and adolescent time up to my early twenties I expressed my creativity in many ways. I was at first drawing and enjoyed very much to water color paint and color pencils drawing. 

As soon as I learned how to write I started to write stories and with words I attempted to express feelings and emotions. Later in my twenties I collected some of them and created a small book which I entitled “Sensations” to which later when I developed my photography, I added some of images to support the introspective stories with images. 

“Sensation” was also the name of my very first attempt to create a sort of a music album. At that time I had access only to a tape recorder. I had already hundred tapes filled with original melodies. “Sensation” became a collection of some of them which I recorded at the vertical piano my mother gifted me in my 18th year.

At that time I would have never imagined that later some of those compositions were going to be recorded professionally in a Hollywood studio creating my first album NOSTALGIA.