“The achievement of simplicity

requires a profound connection

and trust with life”












What does it mean to choose the path of least resistance?

Marco Missinato talks about choosing the past of least resistance, and how simplicity is the most elegant choice to make. It is just not necessary to do things in a complicated way, according to Marco, even though the mind loves to choose this path.  Most of the time, the complicated method and the simple method lead to the same result.  When you connect with your heart you express simplicity . . . very rich in content but simple.  When you make things complicated you are trapped in your mind.  Marco guides us to surrender and find the simplicity in our own creative process within ourselves because then, things are simply divine!

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Ratna Dewi


Music credits:

“Walking Through the Garden of Life”

Music by Marco Missinato

from the album

UNFOLDING SECRETS – Symphony of the Heart


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