“In my dream I see thousands of Us coming from everywhere

on Earth, gathering around the music, fully embracing

the love and the oneness from the pure notes and the

lovingly healing sounds of the many instruments”










It seems that no matter who I encounter through my earthly journey, whoever the people I met are, whatever age they have, how their body looks like, no matter what they do and what color is their skin, no matter where they are in their journey and what mask they are momentarily wearing, every time I see people crossing my path I am always, with no exception, able to feel and see how truly beautiful they are.

As a consequence of such constant surprising experience, I always wanted to share with everyone my dream. However in the past I refrained from doing so because I knew it was not the right time for such sharing. Both within and without me the frequencies were not right yet.

Now the time to dare into such sharing has finally come.

It is a dream that always comes over and over again since my earliest childhood time 

It comes when I am in my highest state of love and joy. It comes through the power of imagination, the same imagination through which I am able to allow the melodies and the music to come through

In the dream I see thousands of us coming from everywhere on Earth gathering around the music, fully embracing the love and the oneness purging from the pure notes and the lovingly healing sounds of the many musical instruments. 

I see sacred geometry shapes, breathtaking ever-changing lights and colors, images of love all blending and dancing together with the music, embracing both the players and the listeners taking all of them into Oneness.

I hear magical whispered spoken words and singing voices gently caressing each cell of our consciousness. 

I feel everyone emotional releases, their letting go, their tears of joy and their welcoming to higher energies which fully stretch and open everyone’s  hearts.

I see and feel the delicate process of remembering gently unfolding, taking all of us back into the full awakened presence and light that we truly are. 

And I finally see our true non physical family joining us in the dance of celebration welcoming us back to our true self.  

I see such experience happening over and over again through the many cities and locations of the planet, illuminating and bringing the experience of love and oneness, opening millions of hearts everywhere in the world.

I also see how the experience creates large streams of abundance in support of the children and our mother Earth healing.

I see this event as the invitation to welcome our “true” star brothers and sisters, to let them know that we do not need them or fear them but that we are joyfully welcoming them to reveal themselves and join us as part of our family as they have always been.

And finally I see this event as a confirmation that the role of light and darkness has come to an end as we now have reached again our original template of neutrality in which we are fully sovereign divine beings and in which our level of appreciation for Life has taken us to a full state of openess in love and oneness.

Marco Missinato