“Our heart is the portal through which we access

to the purest energy coming directly from Source”












How do we love ourself?

Marco Missinato shares his perspective on how to love ourselves.  It is through appreciation of all things around us where we begin to open our hearts and feel the love we have inside.  The more we appreciate life it the higher we raise our frequencies and appreciate what is within us, our gifts and our own beauty.  Marco explains how this is so important at this time because loving ourselves deeply will lead us into a more loving World.  We must leave behind feelings of fear, lack and unworthiness and step into the female energy of our own heart.

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Ratna Dewi


Music credits:

“Walking Through the Garden of Life”

Music by Marco Missinato

from the album

UNFOLDING SECRETS – Symphony of the Heart


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Photo by Marco Missinato

Missinato Photography