Responsibility, the ability

to respond accordingly

to the mirror of our Life 











Responsibility, the ability to respond accordingly to the mirror of our Life

In this video Marco helps us to understand what responsibility is in life.  Responsibility is responding to what is mirroring to us at any given moment as we navigate through our journey of life.  The mirror of activities and situations around us is a way to better understand ourselves; feeling the vibration or frequencies of that which is around us gives us an understanding of what resonates or doesn’t resonate with who we are.  Marco says, you are the observer, making changes and upgrades to yourself as you get closer to what is in your heart’s desire.

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Ratna Dewi

Music credits:

“Walking Through the Garden of Life”

Music by Marco Missinato

from the album

UNFOLDING SECRETS – Symphony of the Heart

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Photo by Marco Missinato

Missinato Photography