“Rather than shutting down in order to protect ourselves it might be more effective to face and look at the pain that a situation might cause with our heart open as the immense power of our heart will transform the pain into compassion and love” 









Is it necessary to protect our heart?

Marco Missinato shares his thoughts about protecting the heart.  If there is a situation that brings pain to the heart, trying to protect it or numb it is, according to Marco, avoiding suffering.  Rather than doing that, he suggests to integrate the suffering and transform it into love.  The heart is very powerful and does not need protection but the mind always wants to control the situation somehow.  Marco provides several example situations explaining how he would assist by coaching the impacted person to understand and best cope with what just happened and support this with encouragement and nurturing behavior.  Dealing with pain and suffering is the soul wanting to experience life and it can build internal stamina and self-esteem.  It is Marco’s suggestion that through these experiences one learns to refine relationship choices and begin to choose the path of joy.

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“Walking Through the Garden of Life”

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UNFOLDING SECRETS – Symphony of the Heart


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