“It is only when we will successfully and fully disengage from the separative effect of Money that we, as Humans, will be able to experience a high level of Happiness and Freedom” 












On money, hierarchy, self-sustainability and our heart

Missinato shares his thoughts about money, hierarchy, self-sustainability and our Heart in this video.  Money, according to Marco, was created as a controlling device and it is a way to have power.  It is difficult to deal in this world without money.  People measure their internal life success by how much money they have.  Marco feels strongly that for people to grow into a higher level of consciousness we will need to let go of this form of enslavement.  He suggests we use money in order to slowly build a reality that needs less and less money and creates a situation of self-sustainability. Also we must separate ourselves emotionally from all these addictions that the system has created to enslave us.  Freeing ourselves like Marco describes will ultimately eliminate the ideal hierarchy.  We are all humans living our experience, no one is better than or less than another. Marco see the world making progress towards a system for the people, supportive where all necessities are provided abundantly.  Right now so much is controlled by the system and Marco states that we can be corrupted with money even to a point of disassociation with our heart where people can do horrible things when this happens.  Marco suggests we have to obey only one law and that is don’t harm other people. When you are in your heart, things are very simple.

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“Walking Through the Garden of Life”

Music by Marco Missinato

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UNFOLDING SECRETS – Symphony of the Heart


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