“Everything is a Dream whether we are at sleep or awaken.  What is real is the experience we are having while we are exploring the dream that at any given moment we are creating.” 












What is reality, what is illusion?

In this video Marco Missinato shares his understanding about what is reality and what is illusion.  What we call reality, he explains that we are living in a dream, navigating through a world that is just a hologram.  What is real is the experiences we have while dreaming.  Marco tells us it is important to take action, to engage in the experiences because it is the chance we have to awaken from the mind and life that is dominated by an artificial construct.  More and more we are becoming passive and engage with technology as a way to indulge in a virtual world so less and less we connect with our body, our senses, nature, and other people.  This illusion, it’s a dream, it’s robotic and removes us further and further from Source.  Marco cautions us that disassociating ourselves from Source can cause us to lose our ability to feel anymore or to imagine and create.  Disconnected from Source, we will have lost the ability to be creators and this is the illusion.  Reality is that we are Source, we are creators.

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“Walking Through the Garden of Life”

Music by Marco Missinato

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UNFOLDING SECRETS – Symphony of the Heart


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