“To switch from the Old

to the New Paradigm all

is needed is to open our Heart” 














From the old to the new paradigm

Marco Missinato talks about the shifting times we are in right now where the old paradigm is collapsing.  A new paradigm is emerging based on what we learned in the old paradigm.  According to Marco we are in transition now and many are finding these times very difficult, unbearable because we have not yet arrived fully in the new reality.  The oppressive mechanism of the System is tiresome to many but others just keep living on day after day going to work, coming home eating sleeping and then starting the same all over again.  Living in such a dense very physical existence must shift and we are responsible for lifting ourselves up and being the change from old to new.  It is the female energy, intuition, our heart that will help us get there.

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Ratna Dewi


Music credits:

“Walking Through the Garden of Life”

Music by Marco Missinato

from the album

UNFOLDING SECRETS – Symphony of the Heart


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