“I look around me

and, inevitably,

beauty is always

there smiling at me”









Photography, a wonderful way to connect with

and share love & beauty

By connecting with the sacred joyful stillness



that is always patiently waiting for me                                                                                                                                                    


within my heart and soul,   




I look around 




and, inevitably,  




beauty is there smiling at me.




It is in such brief instant of recognition,




which every time infallibly proves me




that love and beauty are always there,




that with the combined dance




of my heart sensibility




and the knowledge of my mind




I attempt to capture




with my camera and lenses




a composition that might be of service




for the many distracted and busy minds,




and might able them through a moment of pause




to connect with the same beauty




that my heart with its infinite wisdom




in a brief instant 




helped me to recognized.




Marco Missinato




Photo: Selfie on the Sea

Photo by Marco Missinato