“I look around me

and, inevitably,

beauty is always

there smiling at me”









Appreciation for the Heart & Soul

I so appreciate this energy within

that every day gives me the strength 

to stand tall in my integrity

and continue in great depth

the creative journey gifted by my imagination

despite the outside chaos

and the many inevitable outside misreadings

and misunderstanding


and yet, 

as I release those moments

when the mind wishes

for a moment  of comforting recognition,

my heart and soul choose always to continue

their labor of creation

as it is only with such purity of intent

and its consequential action

that the separative polarities 

and suffering of the collective

can dissolve

into oneness


it is with sincere humbleness 

and immense gratitude

that I thank you both

heart and soul

for your infinite compassion towards

the constant and inevitable loops

of falls and rising 

that this operative system

named Marco

has to endure

in order to fully embrace 

and sustain 

your uncontainable spiral motion

and expressive desire

to, through me,

fully crystalize into 

a powerful ambassador

of Love and Oneness

Photo: Heart & Soul’s Journey

Photo by Marco Missinato