“The acts of Giving and Receiving are naturally occurring in any given moment and aspect of Life










The “Donation” procedure in this web site (www.marcomissinato.com) does not intend to be a call for “help” or for “need”. 

Such calls energetically keep us within the Matrix’s polarity game, where “lack” and “abundance” are at  the opposite sides, one needing the other in order to justify their existence and keep the game going.  

In our realities, both opposite possibilities, lack and abundance, keep swinging up and down in our lives, activated or deactivated depending by the programs (limited believes)  that have been embedded in our ego mind through our past and present conditioning.

To “Donate” from this frequency level can energetically and subliminally enforce in those who ask for a donation a very subtle sense of disempowerment, victimhood, neediness, not being good enough, not being powerful enough to provide for themselves, while, in those who donate, can often trigger limited and contractive beliefs including moral obligations and moral conditioning, hero/savior program, being a good or generous person program, care taker program, sacrifice/being a martyr program, etc.  

It is important to say that all the above mentioned polarity experiences are valid and important as they are part of the awakening process and they do not need to be judge or addressed negatively. 

Therefore if someone wish to donate from within those parameters their donation will be fully and graciously accepted and very much appreciated.

However from a higher level of consciousness, the idea of Donation differs in its vibrational offer. 

It is a spontaneous non emotionally-charged act that comes from a position of neutrality.  

In this case, from a state of full neutrality, the donator decides to engage (or not) in a form of free will, non manipulative exchange, based on the level of resonance he feels with the product or service that has been offered.

Such resonance is free from any contractive emotions. It is then followed by a genuine recognition and acknowledgement of the value that the product or service offered can add to his life. 

From such recognition a deep feeling of appreciation arises which triggers the desire to donate. 

It is this same internal sense of appreciation that will suggest the right amount of money to be donated.

On the other hand, the individual who offers the product or service is already fully rewarded by the process of creation itself and or by the act of service that he is offering and therefore is in a predisposition of no expectations about the idea of receiving a donation. 

He will openly accept whatever has been donated with no judgment and in a state of full appreciation wether or not he has recieved a donation and whatever amount has been donated.

This is a very advance state of awareness and requires the “knowing” that the ideas of scarcity and survival are simply holograms artificially created by the inverted Matrix.  The individual that has reached such level of awareness knows that in the true organic realities only infinite abundance exist. Therefore in his perception the idea of donating or receiving a donation are simply a natural spontaneous occurring in complete harmony with the spiral motion of Life.

Donation also is not limited by all means to a monetary giving. There are infinite ways to “donate” that our heart and imagination can create in every given moment. 

In the process of creating alternative ways to donate, it is important to consider what kind of donation could be most resonating to the receiver. 

It might then be helpful to engage in a brief communication with the person we want to donate to and share different ways we wish to donate in alternative to money, and let the receiver choose the most resonating one.

In this manner both the acts of donating and receiving are embedded with love, compassion, joy, appreciation and with a life supportive and life expanding frequency signature.

Marco Missinato

Ocean of Infinite

Photo by Marco Missinato