“Each of Us carries within their Hearts a unique sound signature”

– Marco Missinato









From Dissonance to Resonance,

The Soul return to its

original Sound signature

“In my perception

on existence

Source in order to have an experience of itself


and through its creation

it manifest a fragmentation

and the first fragmentation

express itself

through a sound wave

a Soul is a sound wave first

a sound signature

an unique sound signature

and from this sound signature

the imaginative creation

continue into other shapes and forms

humanity in its individual expression

has a sound signature

each of us carry within their hearts

a unique sound signature

as we go deeper into the journey of physicality

we experience polarities

we experience separation

and all other kind of wonderful contrasts

and in these experiences 

we experience most of all an internal dissonance

within ourself and our sound signature

the only way to recreate resonance

to switch from dissonance to resonance

is to open our heart

we fully open our heart

our internal signature

goes back to his original organic tuning

and immediately fully connects

with the symphony of life

through purely conceived music, sound waves, melodies

we trigger the process of heart opening

and at the end of the experience

our hearts is fully open

and now we are fully connected 

with the grandiose symphony of LIFE”

Written by Marco Missinato

Voice & Photography  by Marco Missinato



written by Marco Missinato