“They follow the Curriculum,

they say yes to all the Stories…










Beautiful 2D people

The 2 D

the reality where 

everything is

perceived only 

with our mind

there is beauty in a sense

about this

they say yes to all the stories

they do not question anything

and whatever comes from outside

it must be truth

yes, we can consider this

maybe the lowest level of consciousness

and yet

it might surprises you

the beautiful soulfulness

that often

is beyond these groups

these people that temporally

have embraced such level of forgetfulness

in fact 

it takes great courage

to dive into such degree of separation

to take on this role

in order to facilitate

a specific playground

from which all of us

can learn

and so

in so many ways

there is beauty about this

in so many ways 

you are beautiful and adorable

and I appreciate you

I appreciate

the work you are doing

…and I love you very much


Written and Narrated

by Marco Missinato

Images & Music 

by Marco Missinato