“All levels of Consciousness are valuable opportunities. The soul will choose the one that will provide the experience it desires to have










Different levels of Consciousness, different Soul Experiences

There are infinite exciting choices that as soul we all can make. 

No one is better or superior of another. 

They are just different levels of forgetfulness and different levels of appreciation from which we can have specific experiences.  

A soul who chooses to have a 2D experience is not necesserely “lower” or “less conscious” of one that has chosen a 5D experience. 

It has simply chosen a “temporary lower level of consciousness” for the sake of gaining specific experiences. 

It is important to let go at the judgment and at the idea of hirarchy within spiritual vibrational frequencies.

We often associate the different dimensions, high or low, as superior and inferior.  

And as a consequence we define the souls that are dwelling in those dimensios as more or less advanced. 

And in fact we can say that it is true, within the temporary game of fragmentation, they can appear to be more or less advance. 

But we need to remember that the Soul should not be defined by the role within the game that it choses to play.  

It is just choosing to play a role within the game, but such role does not define it in its totality. 

In the same way that an actor plays a specific role in a movie. He is simply playing a role, but such role does not define him in his totality. It defines him only for the duration of his acting within the movie.    

Only when we drop the judgement and competitiveness within different demensions and learn to love and appreciate the entire range of frequencies we can gain the neutrality that allows us to graduate from the Earth Curriculum.  

Choosing which level to stop to

Photo by Marco Missinato