Marco Missinato is an artist, a music composer, a photographer and a messenger of Peace, Love and Vibrant Creativity in support of human unity in Oneness.

His intent is to support Humanity and Mother Earth at this delicate and most important transitioning time.

He shares his unique music and photography and as he is “Walking the Path” he expresses his constantly expanding points of views and personal findings

Marco is committed to bringing his unique music, photography and words to all those individuals who are seeking improvement in their Lives

“Like all of you, I came here in this fascinating physical journey to become fully aware of myself from a new perspective based on polarity.

My heart and my imagination are the given devices.

As I progress into the physical experience presented by the resonating guidance of my heart I increase the ability to discern what is real from what is not and I become more and more aware of what I already am”

Marco Missinato

In this blog Marco Missinato shares the insights and creative labor of his “Walking the Path” and extends an offering of supportive
Words, Music and Photography to all those who are now in the delicate and intense phase of transitional time from the old paradigm to the new upcoming realities

Who is going to benefit from this blog:

People who are awakening, people who feel the desire to open their heart, people who are dealing with intense internal and external changing, people who feel lost, people who wants to understand better themselves, people who are in the process of letting go at the past and want to start a new journey, people who want to connect more profoundly with Life, people who are searching for higher purposes

Some of the topics explored in this blog:

  • integrity with the heart,
  • trust on joy and imagination
  • raising appreciation for Life
  • growing self-love
  • becoming incorruptible
  • taking care of our Self
  • engage fully on actions that are relevant and supportive to Humanity/Earth
  • purpose with a Higher purpose
  • remembering who we are and connecting with Our True Self
  • raising the ability to discern
  • becoming neutral to the polarity of the 3d world
  • liberating the stacked emotions
  • reconnecting the female energy


Marco like all the humans present on the planet is a constant growing human being, therefore the truth he expresses in this video is the summarization of his earthy experience until the date this video has been created. As his experience and consequent level of awareness grows, automatically his inner truth expands and modifies. Therefore the listener might find that as MARCO progresses into his physical experience his point of views might change. Take this as a positive sign of a person who is leaving fully his earthy experience and therefore cannot hold on the same truth as it is not possible to hold the same truth and at the same time keep progressing into higher levels of awareness